If you still see white people on the train after a certain stop, then you know they are going to some event. Other than that, after a certain stop, little by little, you see no more white people, I mean maybe a few but overall, not more than one or two. But no, when there is an event, suddenly the dangerous vile neighborhoods that they cannot possibly live in are suddenly good enough for them to patron. They can be seen there, as long it is to get drunk in the local bars before and after games and harass young PoC girls as they try to make their way home in this neighborhood, or walk up to them like somehow they are obliged to be your personal GPS. And these same money making places that they patron, suck the life out of the community, with upped police patrol, people who live there not being able to walk freely down streets that they normally would. There is no benefit for the people that live there, but because white people have decided to travel a few extra stops and grace this neighborhood with their presence, there is an assumed benefit. But once the lights go out in the stadium and the affluent travel back to their place in the city the people of the neighborhood are once again ignored and irrelevant. But I mean, isn’t that the American way? Use the people at the bottom to remain comfortable and entertained at the top.

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