Street Harassment & White Feminism

street harassment… white womyn take that over too.

yepp. fuck feminism.

(i identify as a feminist.. probably just cuz its the most recognizable & widely used term.

but I’m more accurately a womanist.)

anyway, i remember reading an account from a white woman about how she was in a low income neighborhood & all the black guys were harassing her. yepp. poor thing.

now i’ve said this on my blog before… but most of the street harassment i deal with comes from MoC (either black or latino)

i’ve been harassed by white men also.. but I’m not often in spaces where white men frequent. i get harassed by white men in other ways.

i live in a low income neighborhood & the community activism i participate in, is also in low income neighborhoods.

now, MoC are shitty for this. of course, they needa get they shit together.

but as always.. I’m more equipped & able to deal with MoC than white womyn. sigh.

how does class & race dynamics affect MoC and their ABILITY to participate in street harassment against WoC? as a MoC you’re no doubt exercising your privilege over me as a WoC. its something that these men find pleasure in, which is why i’ve come to the conclusion that talking back does nothing but encourages them.

white womyn’s fears of black men harassing her… are nothing more than racism. not that its impossible for a black men to hurt a white woman. I’m sure its been done plenty of times. & there may be hurt that caused by that.

but since america feeds the myth that rape is about attractiveness & sexual appetite & being denied that sexual release means that you become a rapist.

but nah.. rape is about power.

& i shouldn’t have to argue that its usually better to be a white woman than it is to be born a black man.

black men have no institutional power over white womyn. white womyn have institutional power over black men.. which has been exercised throughout America’s history. the prison industrial complex is built on white womyn’s fears of black men. & those fears are constantly validated. black men know that white womyn are protected in this society, far more protected that WoC & they dare not hurt a white womyn or they will be dead or in jail. if you’re crying over being street harassed by the “mean, cry, poor, animalistic black men” then imma just call racism cuz thats wayy to close to the “I’m an innocent white woman with a lily virgin pussy and here comes the scary black brute to come rape me” trope. 

& it bothers me that street harassment is co-opted as a white woman’s issue. they dont go through this shit like we do, & even MoC. so street harassment is your favorite issue to discuss when you’re only talking about upper middle class cisgender white womyn.. but when its time to discuss that you ARENT the center of attention, you go astray, we wonder where you went, you’ve disappeared. when you have to examine the prison industrial complex & the police & their ties to the harassment of the differently abled, the drug addicted, the trans folks, the PoC.. then you silent. then you lazy & stagnant. & then you get scared when we start telling the truth about how you aint really the victim you make yourself out to be, you’re really the perpetuator. 

keep it. save it. wrap it in a bow & choke on it.


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